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San · Heung · Seo · Chang

(Scattering, Flourishing, Going West and Singing)

This book compiles the words and scores of three individuals, Heo Iksoo, Jeong Sohee, and Lee Seunghee, who collectively form the Korean Traditional Music Research Society San. 

This book records the period after the first stage performance by San in June of 2019, and before their second performance in December 2021, where they researched and experimented extensively with their previous musical composition methods. 


Introduction of San (Scattering)ㆍ 8 

Jinwoojo Minus Woojo┃Heo, Iksooㆍ 18 

Seodopungryu (West Provincial Tastes) and Daegeum Sanjo Solo (Kim, Gwangsik) ┃Jeong, Soheeㆍ 48

Philosophy of Bowl, Gyeonggi Shaman Song┃Lee, Seungheeㆍ 80 

‘San · Heung · Seo · Chang’ Concert Programㆍ 108 

Kim-Jukpa Style Geomungo Sanjo Duet Scoresㆍ 118

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