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Artists and their Four-legged Friends

We consider artists to be extraordinarily sensitive compared to other people. As individuals who capture the world around them from a unique perspective, artists have companions as important as their muses. Such are their ‘four-legged friends’.

‘Four-legged friends’ provide artists with endless inspiration and warm comfort, like a muse, as well as emotional support. This book showcases how animals permeate artists works’ and presents themselves to the next generation of people, whether they are bipedal, quadrupedal, or have no legs at all. It is also noteworthy to study the companionship and impact of such animals on sagacious artists whilst they explore the world through their works. This book focuses on painters and their animal companions. 

* Artist Hunt Slonem, introduced in the last chapter of this book contacted TOILET PRESS to order fifty copies of this book, which we subsequently sent to the Hunt Slonem studio in New York.

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